Sardinia, the second largest Mediterranean island, after Sicily, it covers an area of 9,000 square miles, approximately the same size as Wales, and boasts 1,200 miles of savagely dramatic coastline. A sophisticated island, renowned for its sublime beaches of pristine, white sand, lapped by the translucent turquoise sea, mile after mile of quiet secluded coves, inlets and rocky granite promontories.

Sitting some 220 miles off the coast of Italy, the island is actually as close to the shores of North Africa as it is to the long leg of Italy. To the north and only separated by the narrow six mile wide Straight of Bonafacio, lies the French island of Corsica, perfectly positioned for a two centre holiday.

As with most countries in and around the Mediterranean, Sardinia has been invaded and occupied by all of the great ancient empires, Phoenicians, Carthaginans, Romans, Byzantines and the Spanish before finally coming under the umbrella of Italian rule in 1847. Each dynasty has contributed to the islands tapestry of history and left behind rich remnants of their culture and architectural artistry!

Cagliari is Sardinia’s capital, an unpretentious city boasting some magnificent medieval architecture. Situated on the southern coast of the island, at the head of the Gulf of Angels, it is blessed with a 5 mile swathe of glorious beach.

The Costa Smeralda-the emerald coast, is undoubtedly the best known area of Sardinia. Perched on the northeast tip of the island, this is where the Aga Khan realized his vision of a millionaire’s playground in the 1960’s. 35 miles of scintillating, sandy coves, washed by the crystalline waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

Chic Porto Cervo, with its natural harbor crammed full of mega yachts, is the hub of the Costa Smeralda. Perambulate its designer boutiques before dallying for a while at one of a plethora of inviting bars or restaurants watching the world slip slowly by. But don’t be surprised if you’re rubbing shoulders with royalty or the rich and famous. For a fleeting moment you’re in with the in-crowd!

Sardinia doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue when clubhouse conversation comes round to golfing holidays, and why should it, as there are only four courses of note and these are scattered to the four corners of the island. In fact the two in closest proximity are Pevero, a Robert Trent Jones masterpiece in the Costa Smeralda and another Trent Jones gem, Sperone, on the neighbouring island of Corsica! Is Molas and Tanka are located at the southern extremity of the island, whilst Is Arenas, the magnificent work of Robert Von Hagge, is midway up the west coast close to the charming town of Oristano.

However, what Sardinia lacks in quantity it certainly make up for with the quality of the courses. Is Molas has hosted the Italian Open on no fewer than four occasions and Pevero once and you can rest assured that any course that bears Von Hagge’s signature is sure to be a cracker!

Golfing holidays in Sardinia will appeal to dedicated golf travelers looking for a golf break with a difference and each of the premier courses are enchanting and challenging enough to ensure that you will never grow tired of playing them. However, should you wish to play more than one track, we strongly recommend the two centre break to include Sperone in Corsica.

There is a popular myth that Sardinia took its name from the tiny oily fish that are found in abundance around the shores of the island, which are often jammed tightly into small tins. But no, it’s nothing to do with Sardines! Sardinia’s name is derived from the Sard race, who inhabited the land several thousands of years ago. The earliest settlements have been traced back to the 13th century BC. And no, they didn’t live in small tin huts!!

Sardinia entices with a mesmerizing mix of memorable moments, the perfect canvas for an exceptional golfing holiday, it’s certainly an island that’s...