Steeped in history and bathed in sunshine all year round, Cyprus, the island of love, exudes a beguiling charm and disarming friendliness.

The third largest of the Mediterranean islands, Cyprus sits at the crossroad of three great continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. Such is its strategic significance that in its 10,000 year history dating back to the Neolithic times, it has been occupied by the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans and, until it gained independence in 1960, the British! Each civilization has left its legacy, not to mention a myriad of archaeological treasures.

The history between Cyprus and Britain has been intricately intertwined for centuries, from being conquered by Richard the Lionheart during the crusades (he married his Queen, Berengaria, in Limassol) to becoming a British colony in1878. Britain still retains sovereignty over two tracts of territory in Cyprus today, the pound was the official currency until Cyprus joined the Euro in 2008 and vehicles in Cyprus drive on the left side of the road.

A diverse landscape characterised by a coastline dominated by sweeping sandy bays punctuated by precipitous cliffs and rugged rock formations, the most famous being Petra Tou Romiou (Rock of Aphrodite) where legend tells that the Greek Goddess of Love rose from the waves to enchant her many suitors. There are Roman-Greco amphitheatres literally carved from cliffs, Byzantine monasteries perched precariously on mountain peaks and verdant vineyards producing high quality wines, a most important export for Cyprus.

So much history and culture packed into such a small island, even the most ardent of golf fanatics can be enticed from the flora fringed fairways to imbibe its intoxicating atmosphere!

Golf was introduced to Cyprus by British servicemen who fashioned a course within the military bases complete with “Browns” (putting surfaces made from sand, compacted with crude oil) necessitated by the semi arid climate and the continuous shortage of water. It wasn’t until desalination plants were built in the 1990’s that grass golf courses started to florish.

Today, with courses designed by eminent golf course architects including Sir Nick Faldo, Cabell Robinson and Donald Steele, Cyprus is now firmly established as a premier golfing destination and continues to expand.

Cyprus, once the playground of Gods. Now the….